Ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible with these 10 travel tips.

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If you travel frequently you inevitably pick up a few tips and tricks to make the journey go smoother.

Nichola West, from leading travel blog Globalmouse Travels, tells us how she makes her journeys smoother wherever she’s going, and whoever she’s with.

  1. Use packing cubes to help organise your case. These handy accessories split your suitcase into smaller compartments to help you separate clothing and toiletries. This way, you’ll be less likely to forget the essentials
  2. Always use a wheelie case for hand luggage. A bag on wheels means you aren’t weighed down when moving around the airport or terminal and whilst you’re waiting for your flight, train or ferry
  3. Wherever possible, travel with hand luggage only. If you’re flying, it saves on check-in time and when you disembark you can skip the wait at the baggage carousel
  4. Digitise your documents: scan them and save them to your phone, and email them to a trusted friend or family member so they have them just in case you mislay a boarding pass, ticket or key document
  5. Use a Meet and Greet parking service at the airport if available to save time. Arrive near to the departure gate, hand your car keys over to a parking attendant, and you won’t have to factor in the journey time from off-site parking to the check-in desks. Your car will also be ready and waiting for you at arrivals when you return
  6. Save local currency coins from previous trips and pack a small amount in your hand luggage so you can unlock and use luggage trolleys when you arrive at your destination
  7. Airports can be busy places. To beat the crowds, check yourself into an airport lounge pre-flight. These are great places to prepare for a flight; chill out, enjoy some snacks, grab a drink and read a magazine - all in a relaxed environment that saves you having to scrabble about for a seat
  8. It might seem like yet another thing to pack, but I’m always grateful when I bring a scarf, pashmina or lightweight blanket with me. Fold it up and it’s a pillow, or spread across your lap to combat the in-flight air conditioning. Thick socks are also a comfort on long flights
  9. If you’re travelling with kids, try to track down a play area in airports or motorway service stations. Most have somewhere for children to work off some energy and your little ones should then be ready to sit down and relax once on the move
  10. Take a small pot of face moisturiser on board to avoid the dehydrating effects of flying. It’s a great way to appear and feel fresh-faced when you land

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